Inter- and Intra- Company with Multiple Balancing Segments

Purpose and Scope  It seems to be difficult to enter, balance and eliminate inter- and intra- company transactions when there are multiple balancing segments in a chart of accounts. It need not be so.  We can make it easier - here are some thoughts and suggestions.  What do you think?  This document is limited to a discussi...

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Intercompany Solutions thru Oracle's Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) - Another Thoughtful Conversation

Today, Thursday Jun 30, we had our third conversation with Gary Crisci from GE Corporate about his initiative with an Oracle Blockchain prototype to organize a centralized intercompany solution.   This session was slated to focus on functional aspects and to avoid getting into technical details and "rabbit holes".  Tha...

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ELIMINATION PURGATORY - Ascend 2022 Presentation attached below

 It's not what you think; it is Intercompany accounting, and the trouble it is to successfully eliminate the balances in the heat of the monthly close. The origin of this topic is a conversation among consultants looking at deploying the many tools Oracle provide to make intercompany work. We were in the weeds and decided to stand back and loo...

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Discussion to be continued - Oracle Blockchain For Intercompany, the Art Of The Possible - Report and next date, Thursday June 9, 8-9 am PDT

After a great presentation by Gary and an engaging intense discussion running over the allocated time and late into the Memorial Day weekend we decided to stop for now and resume the discussion in 2 weeks.  Our next session is on Jun 9 at 8 am PDT.  Click Here Please mark your calendar and subscribe to the post on Ask-...

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