Oracle Blockchain Platform - Session with Mark Rakhmilevich


A big thank you to Mark for giving this RE-introduction to Oracle Blockchain Platform and sharing an overview of some actual "real world" use cases - it's not just theory.  (A shout-out to Gary Crisci at GE who introduced us to Mark and who worked closely with Mark in creating GE's Intercompany Blockchain PoC that we've already heard about in ...

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Update on Oracle Blockchain for Intercompany with Gary - Session 2 (Highlights)

There will be another follow-up in this series with Gary Crisci. Oracle Blockchain for Intercomany with Gary Cisci - Session 3 Functional Discussion.  Thu, Jun 30, 2022 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (PDT) https://meet.goto.com/624888253 Yes, the Oracle Bockchain Platform is robust and relatively cheap and easy to spin-up to "keep things honest"; but ...

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Discussion to be continued - Oracle Blockchain For Intercompany, the Art Of The Possible - Report and next date, Thursday June 9, 8-9 am PDT

After a great presentation by Gary and an engaging intense discussion running over the allocated time and late into the Memorial Day weekend we decided to stop for now and resume the discussion in 2 weeks.  Our next session is on Jun 9 at 8 am PDT.  Click Here Please mark your calendar and subscribe to the post on Ask-...

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